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Picasso In Pink

‘Picasso in Pink’ is a stunning variety. Where it is on the market it show up well in displays. With its striking coloured flowers it really stands out from surrounding displays in gardens and pots. Like all petunias it is fast growing , well suited to larger pots and hanging baskets. Growing into more of a mound the ‘Pretty Much Picasso’ A this plant forms a dense flowering mass of colour. Plant ‘Picasso in Pink’ at 30cm centres for good cover in sunny gardens. The bright pink flowers surrounded by a lime green edging is dramatic. The plant is self-cleaning with fresh flowers covering over older ones.
‘Picasso in Pink’ is an easy plant to grow and maintain. Watering needs are average. When dry, water the plant to keep them looking good. When planting out or potting on in late winter or spring incorporate slow release fertiliser at recommended rates. This will get the plant away to a good start. Once September arrives your plant will be growing well. A soluble high nitrogen fertiliser applied every three of four weeks will keep the plant in top condition. When hand watering make sure that the soil ball is saturated. Around December, when the plants are in full growth, but starting to look a little overgrown, a pruning followed by a new application of slow release fertiliser will result in bushy growth and bursts of vigour giving lots of new flowers. Trim back the longer branches just enough to bring them back in line to the sides of the pots. As the plants grow make sure that you keep the fertiliser up to them.