Hibiscus Summerific Series

Easy to grow

Sunny gardens

Plant for a great floral show

Tall Garden Landscape

Sun Lover

Hibiscus are so well known by gardeners. The ‘Summerific’ Series are different in that they are deciduous, Yes, that is right they lose their leaves in winter but they are incredibly hardy. Initially there are several colours in this release from ‘Berrylicious’ - a good deep pink with a darker centre; ‘My Valentine’- strong velvety red; ’Tie Dye’ -shades of pink and white with a dark centre and ‘Midnight Marvel’ -the darkest of dark reds with purple foliage. Flowers are enormous up to 20cm in diameter and very showy. In the garden they need a protected position away from sever winds that could damage the foliage and flowers. Planted as a background to the garden they show out, the flowers are so large and dramatic.